What comes to mind when you close your eyes and think of animal rights activists? What do they look like? What are they wearing? For many, the portrayal of the nomadic crusader living in a converted school bus chained to a tree barefoot while listening to The Beatles is exactly what comes to mind. Hollywoods portrayal of the lone activists crusader as tree hugging hippies who don't wear deodorant, are shaggy impoverished individual living in converted school busses. 

Thankfully those days are gone. Animal activists, vegans, vegetarians, humanitarians, advocates for the environment are proving that we can all accomplish our goals for a greater good, while looking classy, elegant and put together. That choosing luxury doesnt diminish the goal of a greater cause and goal.

Now, open your eyes and remember the famed character Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde franchise movies. Elle Woods is proof that animal lovers can be chic, smell great, all while being tenacious enough to help change legislation on a federal level. Elle Woods Introduced many of us to scented pink resumes when everyone was using the conventional white stock paper

Elle Woods taught us that animal lovers can dress unapologetically in style, live a life of luxury while simultaneously helping to pass legislation in congress to save animals used in cosmetic testing. She was able to do this by getting her hair done at the same place as fictional character Congresswoman and accidentally chatting up a conversation. Let's add that it was probably not at an inexpensive salon for that matter but a swanky one fit for a member of Congress.

The belief that compassionate individuals such as animal rights activists, vegans and environmental conscious individuals have to live a lifestyle where they deprive themselves of small daily luxuries like Starbucks coffee is an outdated concept. The truth is, being vegan sometimes means having to buy more expensive food options at the supermarket or having to buy clothing from small brands whos products are made with sustainably sourced fabrics made in small batches but come at a higher price point than that of fast fashion stores. 

According to... the data shows that vegans spend ……. Billions of dollars a year, and whos annual salary is…… 

Making animal rights lovers an important spending market globally. Who are everyday choosing more and more to spend their earnings in vegan, cruelty free, sustainable and clean products in items that are luxurious. Thus making it daily guilt free decisions of choosing luxuries big or small in our everyday life.

One of the biggest misconception is that compassionate individuals whos career involves any form of social advocacy must dress (poorly) for their message to be believed. While it may be true that arriving to a summit on global warming in a private jet is tone deaf, dressing elegantly, classy, and polished doesnt take away from the cause at work.

Let's normalize the idea that dressing elegantly is not correlated to activism. The truth of the matter is that in order to garner funds, donations and support; board members, organization leaders depend on outreach measures to get their messages across. This may involve attending conferences, seminars, galas, charity fundraising events, video appearances where meeting supporters has to happen in-person. American designer Tom Ford, famously said Dressing well is a form of good manners. In that sentiment, activists showcase respect and well manners by dressing well and polished.

Famous animal rights lovers, activists, humanitarians like Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silvestone, Amal Alamuddin Clooney, Megan Markle and Elle Woods serve as modern day examples of individuals whos impeccably well dressed invite dialogue about their work and fashion senses. Being well dressed has never diminished or made their plea for change less of because of how they present themselves. Some of them have spoken at places like UNICEF.