SUVERIA Suveria Mota Suveria Mota luxury vegan vegan brand
Dominican Republic born, New York City raised, SUVERIA MOTA launched SUVERIA in 2019. The first 100% vegan luxury lifestyle brand.

As a former Hollywood actress in her post college years, her passion for the limelight, arts and fashion helped with the conceptualize the brand. 

After watching the documentaries Blackfish, Cowspiracy and Earthlings in the summer of 2015, she knew what her new life calling and purpose were. She made an immediate switch to a vegan lifestyle and acquired a new found love for animal activism. Specifically the release of cetaceans used for entertainment.

A true trailblazer making strides with a vegan luxury brand, merging elegant designs with luxurious craftsmanship and tastefully timeless designs. Perfectly suited for today's generation of modern compassionate fashionables.

SUVERIA proves that vegan fashion can co-exist in the luxury market.