2022 is poised to be an amazing year for us all! This is the energy we are claiming today, January 1st 2022.

With a new year, we are greeted with goals and dreams that we'd like to achieve. For many, the goals are simple such as enjoy life more, or smile more.

When it comes to dreams vision boards are a way to visually map out our goals for the future. For many, manifestation can only happen, through the power of visualization. We spoke with Hiara Mota, founder of Attraction In a Box and certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, to give us some pointers on how to properly create a vision board for this year.

Hiara states that, "Everyday is a new day to achieve your best life. One doesn't have o start on January 1st. With just some adjustments to your subconscious and reprogramming it, you can achieve your desired outcome." 

Hiara gave us 11 steps to follow when creating your vision boards.

1. Make sure that you're in a good mood and in a great place mentally. Creating your vision board doesn't have to happen a particular day or on a single day. Take your time and start on the day (date) that feels right for you.

2. Use a vision board as if you were shopping on the internet. Add anything on it that you'd like to obtain. Marriage, Kids, a car, jewelry, be more health conscious, volunteer more often or be more charitable to organizations.

3. Cut out or print specific images. Be as detailed as possible. Don't just put a red car unless its exactly the make and model and color that you want. 

4. Write or paste motivational quotes or phrases. It should be used to read as you quickly glance at your board.

5. Paste as much as possible. There aren't any limits to your needs, passions and desires. The universe is abundant and limitless.

6. Color is very important in energy. Decide what's the overall theme of your visions. Consult with the colors psychology and the effects of color energy, and let that be your primary color (s). 

7. Concentrate on different areas of your life. Travel, fitness, work, personal and add images to those areas. Perhaps you're in a lovely happy marriage, and would like to continue to be happy, so you add an image of your self and partner to maintain it. Or if you're interested in an IT job position, you add specific images to that goal.

8. Choose your board material. While you can take a picture of it later, or create on in a digital format, having a tangible board is best. The materials can be construction board, fabric, canvas. Remember that it must be sturdy enough to survive twelve months. Many choose to frame their boards with a protective glass frame. The choices are endless.

9. Place the vision board in a place where you can view it daily. You can take a picture of it and use that as your screensavers. 

10. View it daily and nightly. After waking up and before bed, inhale and breathe deeply, as you take a few seconds to really look at your goals. Concentrate on a specific goal daily. Imagine already having it. Touching it, doing the task. How do you feel? What does it smell like? The law of attraction teaches us that in order to manifest our visions, we must en-vision them first!

11. Don't be afraid to believe that it all can be yours. Thin big, dream big. Never let any negative energies enter your thoughts. Cultivate a mindset of only positive affirming beliefs.

Bonus: Sage your board after competition to release any bad vibes or energy that may have been picked up by the magazines or along the way. 

Hiara Mota can be reached at @AttractionInABox across all social platforms and on Attraction In A Box