There is no denying that the high-end vegan lifestyle has been ever-evolving and expanding. In fact, the luxury vegan fashion market alone is expected to have an annual growth rate of 13.6% between the years 2020 and 2027. Overall, designers, fashion brands, and even food industries all across the world are acting to adopt luxury vegan alternatives that strongly benefit humans and animals. 


However, even with these rising numbers and global transitions, there is still a strong notion that vegans cannot have the optimal luxury lifestyle as non-vegans. There is a prevalent mindset gap that living a sophisticated, elegant, and opulent life is either impossible or much harder to do than the rest of the population. To support debunking this widespread myth, below are five spearheading ways that vegans can successfully incorporate richness assets into their day-to-day and live the luxurious life they crave to have.


  • Filling Your Closet with Vegan Fashion


The luxury vegan fashion market, as noted above, is ever-growing. This means there is an endless number of fashion brands out there, such as Suveria Mota, that deliver 100% vegan resources to fill your closet with. From sleek heels featured here to everything else in between across the vegan fashion industry, take advantage of owning cruelty-free pieces from brands that have the same underlying mission as you do. 


  • Adding Luxury Vegan Foods into Your Diet 


With the tons of vegan recipes, drinks, and meal options within the food market today, you do not have to limit yourself to the basics such as veggies, tofu, almond milk, and water. These are still great, nutritious options, but think about spicing up the vegan luxury living appeal with vegan caviar (made out of seaweed), vegan champagne, vegan steak, and vegan cheese. Animal-friendly food alternatives are everywhere and taste just as good, if not better than the traditional versions. 


  • Using Luxury Vegan Skincare Products 


A large part of luxury living for anyone is prioritizing self-care. And with veganism on the rise, it stands to reason why there is now a vast range of high-end vegan skincare products available. Brands like Herbivore, Pai Skincare, and Saint Jane Beauty are all cruelty-free, feature no animal testing, and contain only natural ingredients. Again, the selection is quite long, but this reality goes to show how fast and easy it is to develop a luxury vegan lifestyle. 


  • Incorporating Vegan Home Décor 


Shifting focus from the self to the surroundings, high-end living can be achieved through some redecorating with prestigious vegan home décor. Budgeting for high-profile, fancy items can reshape your home's tone and feel and give it that deluxe ranking vibe you are aiming for. For some more insight, the vegan décor is the hottest trend in Hollywood homes right now and is something you can opt for as well. 


Conclusion - Where Luxury Meets Compassion 


As a final note, whether you are a seasoned, new, or soon-to-be vegan, understand that living this way does not equate to loss of life quality. What you are doing may be a monumental strive for a more significant cause, but that does not mean it should be viewed as a sacrifice. All in all, vegan luxury living is something anyone can experience at any time and should be seen as an actionable goal rather than an unattainable dream. In the end, recognize that, yes, there is such a thing as a luxury vegan, and you can seamlessly achieve that high-end vegan lifestyle you deserve if you genuinely wish to. 


Written by Amber Dean