Elegant etiquette and how to incorporate a new step daily in our routine.

Elegant etiquette and how to incorporate a new step daily in our routine. Modern etiquette with cellphones and post pandemic practices like keeping a distance from each other. Etiquette about how to bring up veganism or how to politely tell people one is vegan.


With the amount of time that we spend socializing online and let's be honest our lack of socializing throughout the past year, I thought that now would be a really great time to do a little refresher on that etiquette guideline when it comes down to it etiquette really is just respecting how you treat others represents yourself, represent your character I'm going to be sharing some daily etiquette rules to go about your day with kindness and respect and show sophisticated & refined behavior.

The tips I'm going to sharing in this blog are all really simple & easy to follow they're very high-level etiquette tips most of these things you probably already know.


  • Greeting people whether you are walking down the road saying hello! or Good morning to a passerby is attractive you're out on a dog walk you're at the supermarket these days are so often on their phone or listening to music but just by smiling and greeting someone it is the easiest way to show kindness ( as you know etiquette is a fancy word for simple kindness) even to strangers people just love to feel acknowledged just by saying good morning to someone with a cheery smile is an instant way to make someone feel like knowledge feel a little bit better about themselves, according to De Bretz ( British professional authority on etiquette & behavior) this is a proper way of greeting someone.
  • Just say bless you when people sneeze, I don't know about you but if I'm in public place and I sneeze & no one says bless you I'm like come on show some kindness, and then of course when you do sneeze and someone says bless you the correct etiquette should then to say thank you to the person that said bless you.
  • Hold the door open for people is a timeless etiquette, if even the person behind you is a few moments away even if don't have their hands full it is always the nicest & polite thing to do to hold the door open for someone again it all comes down to kindness and respect. This tip is so basic but it really surprises me how often I see people not doing this and honestly, it really annoys me.
  • Giving someone grace is being kind and being respectful, when you are angry the best thing to do is take a deep breath, remain calm, and be kind no matter how people treat you being vindictive & full of anger is the opposite of being kind person.
  • Not screaming at people from other rooms in the house.
  • Having someone’s full attention at this time & age is so rare, it feels so good when you have someone's soul attention and one of the best ways you can do that is by genuinely interested in what the person that you are talking, making eye contact, don't use a cellphone.


  • Be alert and attentive to the person who you are speaking to.
  • Never chew anything while speaking on the phone.
  • If you want to put the person on hold, seek their permission first.
  • Always return call and messages within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Don’t use cellphone while sitting with your family, having dinner r talking someone.

All these acts show soul attention & kindness.


We're in uncharted waters on lot of things these days, aren't we? 100% yes, that is why we need to show grace and more importantly, honor and respect and just chat to ourselves. Honor and respect have a boomerang of fact, and that’s how we want to step out in the world, every single day because we've all been through so much this past year. Let me ask you about some of the things that we all used to do. We used to shake hands. We used to give people hugs. 

  • If someone coming in for a big, juicy kiss you can just bump your fist so your love one don’t mind also and understand the real situation.
  • Maintain distance atleast 6 feet or 2 meters away, put an elegant, classy smile on your face to decrease the stress from people life.
  • Show respect and stay safe.
  • Pay attention to what to consume, according to a research vegan are less affected by viruses like Covid-19
How to bring up veganism? How to politely tell people one is vegan?

We bring up veganism by declaring the benefits of being a vegan:

  • Being vegan is healthy.
  • It’s cheap & delicious at the same time.
  • Keep you hydrated.
  • Boost your immune system, keep you fit and away from cholesterol, saturated fat and other icky stuff.
  • Essential nutrients in much healthier form.

Manners & etiquettes are awareness of the feelings of other. Show respect and kindness, it always remember how you react man so react wisely.

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